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The Arlatan hotel – Arles

Arlatan is a marvellous boutique hotel in the old town of Arles, in Provence.

Built in the Middle Ages, the building has had different proprietors and has been used for many different purposes. It was a palace in the fifth century, a political headquarters between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and a barracks in the twentieth century. In 2014 it was purchased by Maja Hoffmann, who wanted to give the building a new interior but at the same time highlight its glorious past.

In order to do so, Ms Hoffmann gave carte blanche to the Cuban artist Jorge Pardo who, taking his inspiration from the paintings of Van Gogh, created a true work of art. Each piece of furniture is a signed masterpiece whilst all the lamps and ceiling lights were designed by the artist himself. The new interior of the hotel is a riot of lights and colours enhanced by 6 thousand square metres of coloured mosaics made by hand, 4 thousand square metres of which are floor tiles.

Michelin-starred chef Armand Arnal looks after the restaurant’s menu and has chosen the Gesso Collection for his mise en place.