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A tablecloth for every occasion

A traditional white tablecloth is irreplaceable for important occasions: the white sets off any silverware and combines easily with any colour, so that you can take a few liberties with centrepiece decorations. For a lunch al fresco or a garden party on the other hand, it is better to choose pastel shades as white could dazzle.

For a farmhouse-style lunch, on the other hand, perhaps in the middle of the country, adapt your table cloth to the environment: choose a tablecloth that is checked, striped or multicoloured or so on … the important thing is to respect the total harmony.

This set is an everyday solution, or also for quick meetings with colleagues or friends. It consists of a mini tablecloth and napkin that is practical and easy to manage. The important thing is that it easily contains not only the plate but also the cutlery and glasses.

The runner is very topical and sought after today. You can see it everywhere: in a Michelin-starred restaurant, in a fashionable boutique restaurant and venues offering farmhouse fare. It is tool for promoting intimacy by separating people at the table into couples facing one another in order to facilitate conversation.