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Il Grano di Pepe (Mo) restaurant

From the creation of the first prototypes, we have imagined the plates of our collection being used, tried out and with food on them.

We have imagined them on the table of our kitchen and on the table of a restaurant in our town, convinced that also a ceramic plate, with its shape and visual appeal, can enhance not only the place where the table is located but also the contents of the plate itself.

We have tried to look at the plate from another perspective: serving food. And we did so with Rino Duca, the chef at Il Grano di Pepe, a famous restaurant in the province of Modena that has just been awarded two Chef Hats in the 2018 Espresso Guide.

Rino Duca created recipes for us that are more like works of art. We offer him our heartfelt thanks for bringing our collection alive and elevating it to the level of haute cuisine.