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The ceramics

For our tableware services, the quality of the material is crucial and that is why we have chosen vitrified stoneware, a material that is difficult to work because of the very high firing temperatures, but, if worked correctly, it is indestructible and stands the test of time. Vitrified stoneware is one of the most prized ceramics because it provides the best quality guarantees in terms of durability, lack of absorption of liquids, frost resistance and being proof against any type of stain. It is not that simple to work. During firing, it shrinks in volume by 13%, vitrifies, and if the shapes have not been studied to perfection, they do not pass the “test” set by the kiln, which reaches 1200 °C. Owing to its extraordinary hardness and resistance to any type of attack, vitrified stoneware makes a tableware collection that is timeless and immune to wear and tear of any type. The star of the collection is the surface, which has a solid and opaque exterior that absorbs light whereas inside it is glossy and reflects the light. Each customized production run passes through different phases that go from pouring into the mother mould to glazing, to firing in the muffle kiln and the final quality control. Each product is always slightly different from the next one in shape, finish and colour variations so that each is an unique item.