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The hemp

Our fabric is made only of hemp, a noble fibre that is hard to come by and is of much higher quality than more common products like linen and cotton. Hemp fibre is soft and tough at the same time. Although it looks like linen, which produces right-angled creases, hemp creases are rounded and tend to become significantly reduced even if they do not disappear completely and hemp always look pleasant and does not have to be ironed every day. Of all the natural fibres, it is the one that is most resistant to wear and to tension (tears), three times more so than cotton, thus making the products harder wearing. In fact, many people have found a forgotten old sheet or tablecloth in granny’s cupboard that is hundred years old but still in perfect condition! Natural hemp is also immune to mites, mould, fungus, bacteria and moths. It does not produce allergies or conduct electricity so it does not attract electrostatic charges and dust and dirt.

Hemp fibre is an everlasting, natural plant material that makes our life more intimate, responsible and respectful of the environment. During its growth cycle, hemp does not require pesticides, herbicides, chemical products or fertilizers. Its deep roots improve the quality of the land by feeding it with nitrogen. In addition, by absorbing the minerals, which are concentrated in the leaves, hemp crops do not damage the land on which it is cultivated.

Our hemp fabrics use environmentally friendly dyes (no chemical fixing agents are used). All the garments can be washed in the washing machine and frequent washes just make our textiles softer and more pleasant.