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The wood

Italian walnut is an integral part of the collection. It is one of the finest woods for making furnishing complements, especially for the table. The close grain of the walnut wood means it can be easily and efficiently assembled to create stable, durable objects that are well finished and are not subject to warping over time. The greyish brown colour with light lines that vary from reddish to black and the straight veining that is always attractive to see are the physical properties that have most contributed to the success of walnut. Whilst walnut, like any other wood, can absorb or release humidity according to the climatic conditions of the environment, it is the wood that shrinks and swells least.

Italian walnut is increasingly difficult to source and is considered to be a product of the highest quality. Our products are made by hand by expert and skilled master craftsmen who create forms with the greatest attention to detail, making each item that they fashion unique.