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Ginepro vinegar by Massimo Bottura

The Ginepro vinegar by Massimo Bottura is inspired by the memory of when his grandmother Ancella used to create her own secret blend of balsamic vinegar as a gift for friends and family. This special balsamic condiment comes from a selection of barrels from Acetaia Casa Maria Luigia, infused with juniper wood from the Tusco-Emilian Apennines. In the recipe, notes of smoked wood, chocolate, coffee, and incense create a surprising mix of aromas, where tradition and the present blend together.

To accompany this precious vinegar is the spoon from the Gesso collection. The stoneware spoon is particularly suitable for tasting vinegar for several reasons:

  1. Thermal inertia: Stoneware is a material with good thermal inertia, meaning it retains its temperature for a longer period than other materials. This characteristic is important when tasting vinegar, as it allows for a better perception of all the taste nuances at room temperature.
  2. Taste neutrality: Stoneware is known for its taste neutrality, meaning it does not influence the flavor of the foods it comes into contact with. This is crucial when tasting vinegar, as it allows for a full appreciation of the aromatic profile and unique taste of the vinegar without interference from the spoon’s material.
  3. Absence of chemical reactions: Unlike some metals that can react with the acids present in vinegar, stoneware is chemically inert. This means it does not alter the chemical composition of the vinegar during tasting, ensuring a more accurate tasting experience.